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Best fidget cube philippines present fidget cube case, fidget cube philippines the Best Stress Relief Toy - led and said, Miss Xia shot, that gift can not light wow Xia Xiaowan holding the child s little hands play, smiled and said The first time to give gifts to the children, I really do not know what to send Enthusiastic wide wife who will talk up, Xia Nanze has been watching next to Xia Xiaowan, see her and nothing strange, be considered the heart back to the stomach. Since the summer Xia Wan accidentally out of the fidget cube violet child, the spirit will be a problem, a see this little baby, they have to go crazy, and later fidget cube philippines sick, and fidget cube philippines see the little baby or some uncomfortable. Nina just when the production, Xia Xiaowan proposed to go to the hospital to see the child, he was decisive refused. So just to see Shao old lady to Xia Xiao Wan hold the child, scared him quickly fidget cube philippines ran over. But some observation down, in addition to the initial performance of some of her panic, and later slowly on the calm, but also laughing and laughing to th.shed the door down. The door just closed, the car on the boom of a go away. Xia Xiaowan standing on the street looking away from the car shadow, silent sneer Chapter 246 You are a fidget cube philippines fart of Jiang Kaiwei Jiang Kaiwei each time and confrontation, Xia Xiaowan never won, this time to Jiang Kaiwei bites, for her to be a small victory, so when the home Hou, she was very good mood. Just a door, see Xia Nanze impressively sitting in the hall. Do not want to, so late to sleep, must be waiting for her. Estimated to be too long, he was stuck in the sofa, his hands around the chest, head down, separated by some far, Xia Xiaowan do not see if he was asleep or awake. She stood there quietly fidget cube retail listening to the moment, and then close to the wall quietly to the stairs to fidget cube antiquewith fidget cube philippines go there. Finally went to the stairs below the foot to be up, Xia Nanze suddenly looked up. Xia Xiaowan know to hide in the past, had to hee hee smile broth.

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ian cry, simply crying open, ooo obviously you do not want me first, you made such a big temper gone, you do not want me, and ooo you also like Xia Xiaowan , I know you still like her, I do not want you to suffer, whining as long as you are happy, I can fidget cube philippines fulfill your, I really, very sad, I fidget cube philippines did not expect this will be so why do you come to me Why Woo She was crying gas choke choke, the sound intermittent, but every word, Gu Nianbin hear very clearly, those words like a small needle, crowded in his heart, and sad and pain, every time he Breathing is accompanied by the pain, can only cling to her, slowly, gently in her ear to explain fidget cube philippines You are a little fool, without you, how could I be happy, I was angry that day, Because you said to leave me, you made so many oath, but a Gu Shanshan on the easy to intimidate you, not to say that I want to brave You did not do, you retreat, so I am.r name, she is my daughter of Bin Bin, how can follow the surname Gui Xianxian actually take Gu Binbin rude, Gu Nianbin once drilled horns, who can not pull back, can only rely on Du Xiaoxian own. I said it would not marry her, Gu Nianbin bluntly said I and she used to be, now is now, she is so white to stay at home, my girlfriend is not fair, if you Hard to stay with her, then I ll go. Gu Guangxian s tone is also very stiff. You have to go and go, anyway, Xiaoxian can not go. Nianbin, Fang Ya Ru looked at the handsome father and son, a look of frustration You can not go, obsessed just come back, you have to think about the child, or she really thought you did not like her. I really do not like her. Nonsense, This is even the next Yarui also called him how can their own daughter do not like If you let me listen to these words, I can not spare you. Du Xiaoxian has been quietly sitting there did not speak, hear th.s, is to put us a pot of the end Yes, I was like this, Jiang Kaiwei outspoken, Who would dare to fight my woman s mind, I will let him die without burial. But now you abacus. Does not matter, Jiang Kaiwei looked Xia Xiaowan a At least I fidget cube philippines try, and worthy of the heart. Xia Xiaowan s face or pale, but looked at the man smiled. Jiang Kaiwei said Do not be afraid, there is me. Xia Xiaowan nodded, I am not afraid. Although the woman looks awkward, but the eyes are clear and tenderness, Jiang Kaiwei heart suddenly a palpitations. It is the rise of the Leibo said Now you do not kill us and so what Lei brother bowed his head to play with the gun, I do not hurry you anxious That woman I must be killed, as you I would like to consider, after all, is the richest man, the hands of the good things more With a hundred million net worth gave me a billion, is not it a little bit to write Now my people are in your hands, what do y.

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Fidget Cube Philippines , and did not see the appearance of the outside. He believes that the steady flow of people, the course of time fidget cube philippines to see people, one day, he will replace her heart that man. Hot meal on the table, four adults a child sitting around the table, Du read like sitting in the middle of Lu Haochen and Du Xiaoxian, see Lu Haochen also look at Du Xiaoxian, smile fidget cube mediumslateblue eyebrows bend, two sheep braided brave The kind of child is really cute. Du Hua Yue asked, obsessed, are you happy today Happy, Du mourning Mimi said Last year s birthday, only my mother and uncle to accompany me, but this year there are parents and my uncle aunt, I am so happy Du Xiaoxian caught a big meatballs on the Du s bowl, smiled and said, I wish my good birthday happy Du read loud loud should be a cry, thank you mother Stood up in the face of Du Xiaoxian kissed, turned again in the face of Lu Haochen pro a person, we all laughed. Lu Hao Chen also caught a b.r is also stable condition, I keep here at night, A Feng is also, you sleep at fidget cube insider home, tomorrow, full of energy to go to work, a Master to take care of two Company, it is hard, this time you are thin. Lu Hao Chen thought for a moment, said Yes, I will come to work tomorrow. The purpose of his home is to find Lu Ding deep phone, check out what is the end of the landlord to call Ding. Lu Ding deep fainted when the afternoon, the phone fell on the grass, and did not break, and later servants picked up, put his room in the bedside table, the result was he smashed Qi and 80, has no way to recover. Lu Hao Chen standing in his father s room, watching the earth messy, more and more confused, what is the end of the calm so far the father so furious Although the phone is broken, but also from the personal account to extract fidget cube lightskyblue information, Lu Hao Chen looked at the watch on the wrist, seven o clock to the clock, not too late.

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